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    Library Endowment Fund was approved in the 125th Library Committee Meeting chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation on 22 January 2020. The proposal is based on the Library's need to create new mechanisms in obtaining financial resources to meet current needs in an effort to provide the best library services for the purpose of research, teaching and learning to all Library users. The Library would also like to provide opportunities to individuals or companies who are interested in contributing to the Library and at the same time obtain income tax exemption based on the Income Tax Act 1967.


    1. Creating new mechanism in obtaining financial resources for USM Library.
    2. To ensure that the Library is able to provide the best facility / service to the user.
    3. Creating opportunities for cooperation between the Library and external individuals or institutions in an effort to improve the quality of Library services.

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    • Menampung bebanan perbelanjaan Universiti Sains Malaysia.
    • Mengurangkan kebergantungan peruntukan Kerajaan.
    • Memupuk/menggalakkan budaya memberi sumbangan/infak.


    • Penyumbang layak mendapat pelepasan cukai pendapatan dibawah Seksyen 44(8) Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967.
    • Memperluaskan dan mengembangkan koleksi Perpustakaan.
    • Menyediakan sumber buku bacaan & rujukan yang relevan.


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