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Open Access Repository@USM

It contains a variety of electronic scholarly materials, including articles from Open Access journals, academic magazines, books, thesis abstracts, examination papers, research reports, photographs, and other materials.



This repository contains various types of research data produced by USM researchers. All USM researchers can self-deposit the research data into this repository by logging in with the USM email.
Please refer to the guideline of data deposition:


Closed Access Repository@USM

This repository contains multiple types of scholarly materials, especially USM theses and exam papers. To access the full text, please log in with your USM email account.


USM Digital Library

USM Digital Library: a collection of images, videos and audios that have academic and historical values at the Universiti Sains Malaysia. This portal provides an opportunity for staff, alumni USM and photographer as well as public who have collections related to USM to share their collections. Library USM is solely responsible to manage this portal.

Term of Use:The materials on the Repository@USM are only accessible to authorized USM Library users. Theses and academic exercises must be used for study or research purposes only. No portion of this work, original data, or ideas may be taken or quoted without proper attribution. You are not permitted to manipulate, copy, or share the materials without the owners' permission. Your access to and use of these services are at your own risk and responsibility.


USM Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of any information obtained from this website.

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