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The materials in this collection are contributions from individuals or organizations that help diversify the source of reference and enrich the library collections. This collection houses various forms of materials that carries the nation’s historical value such as books and files belonging to notable individuals or organizations. Each collection is named in accordance with the name of its contributor. In the library OPAC, the symbols used for this collection’s call number are the abbreviations of the contributors’ names.

Gerald Hawkins

The late Mr. was a member of the pre-independence Malayan Civil Service. He was considered as an expert in Malayan history and wrote on a wide variety of subjects in newspaper, including topic on wildlife and tree-planting. Due to his wide range of interest, Gerald Hawkins Collection contains books of his interest on topics such as politics, public administration, education and social sciences.
A symbol H is used in the call numbers to identify the location of this collection in the Library Catalogue.

Kassim Ahmad

Kassim Ahmad is an academician, a political figure and a controversial writer. This collection comprises of files and records of activities of Peoples Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSRM) from 1965 to 1976, newspaper clippings and official correspondence of the party. This political party is now known as Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM). This collection is not listed in the Library Catalogue, instead a separate databases is used.

V. Veerappen

The late V. Veerappen was a lawyer and an active member of the Labour Party of Malaya, Gerakan Party & PEKEMAS. He was an elected Member of Parliament of Seberang Perai Selatan in 1959 and 1969 respectively on Socialist Front Party and Gerakan tickets. In 1968 together with Dr. Lim Chong Eu, Dr. Tan Chee Koon and Dr. Syed Hussein al-Atas, they formed the Gerakan Party. In 1972 together with Dr. Tan Chee Koon, left Gerakan to form new party known as Parti Keadilan Masyarakat (PEKEMAS).

Lim Kean Siew

Lim Kean Siew was the founder, the National Secretary-General and the Chairman of the Labour Party of Malaya. He was an elected Member of Parliament in Datuk Keramat Constituency, Penang in 1959 and 1964. He joined the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) after he left the Labour Party. He was elected as a State Liaison Committee Chairman of Penang in the 1970s.
This collection comprises of files, newspaper clipping, official correspondence, in English and Chinese, that are related to the activities the Labour Party and The Socialist Front in the 1960s. This collection is not listed in the Library Catalogue, instead a separate databases is used.

Muhammad Haji Salleh

Prof. Muhammad Haji Salleh, our National Laureate is an educator and a prominent literary figure. He received the National Laureate Award in 1991. To date, he has written poetry, prose, critiques and theories in both Malay and English languages. He has been a lecturer and professor in two ivory towers, that is UKM (1970 - 1999) and USM (2000 - 2006). This collection consists of books, dictionaries, journals and CD-ROM. It covers various topics such as literature, management, history, social science, science, religion and fiction. It comes in many languages such as Malay, English, Thai, German and others. A symbol MHS is used in the call numbers to identify the location of this collection in the Library Catalogue.

Tun Hamdan Sheikh Tahir

Tun Hamdan Sheikh Tahir, the second Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) from 1976-1982, was a leading figure in education. His career began as a teacher and later as the headmaster in Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh, Perak. In addition to that, he has also worked in the Ministry of Education as the Senior Assistant in the Department of High Schools, Chief Invigilator of Examination Syndicate Board, Senior Assistant Secretary in the Department of Scholarships and Training and Senior Education Advisor to the Director of Education. After retiring, he was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor, USM, Permanent Representative and Malaysian Ambassador to the UNESCO in Paris and His Excellency Yang di-Pertua of Penang (1989- 2002).
This collection consists of books, journals and other printed materials that covers various topics in education, religion, politics, history and social science. A symbol HST is used in the call numbers to identify the location of this collection in the Library Catalogue.


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