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Engineering Library Printed Topographic Map Restricted Collections

L808 Series Map

The limited map of scale 1:10000 and mapping only cover the Kuala Lumpur Municipal area and it is surrounding area. This map is large, full-coloured, showing relief, classification of areas and natural or artificial features with annotations. The characteristics shown are states, districts, territories and reserves. Relief is illustrated with a 5-meter contour line. Roads are classified into twin highways, single, paved, unpaved, lanes can drive motorways, foot lanes. The annotated lanes and buildings were represented by specific symbols and names, a colour arrangement that differentiates the type of building. Plants shown with hydrographic symbols and features are also shown.

L7030 Series Map

A limited-edition map of 1:50 000 only covers Peninsular Malaysia only. This map is full colour, showing relief, classification of areas and natural or artificial features with annotations. The artificial details shown include highways and roads, railways, buildings and borders. The highway and roads are classified into double or single, unpaved, pedestrian paths and roads being constructed. Boundaries are indicated according to priorities with international boundaries, states, divisions, districts and reserves. Relief is illustrated with a 20-meter scale contour and measures height in meters. Hydrographic features, plants, cities and their respective areas are indicated by a specific symbol. Hydrographic characteristic is also shown. The projection used is the True Observe True Form and the True Bevel Form Compliance (Meter).

Map of Various Scales

The collection of topography restricted map of various scales started from 1: 3000 to 1: 163,630

Series L808 - Topo Map Scale 1: 10,000

Series L7030 - Topo Map Scale 1: 50,000

Topo Map of various scales


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